Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet Carlow Chamber of Commerce Skillnet had a requirement to conduct a review of training needs in the county so that it could submit an authoritative request for funding to a national authority. Market Dynamics was commissioned to conduct a survey of businesses in the county to assess their training requirements. The submission.. read more →

Kilkenny County Childcare Committee Kilkenny County Childcare Committee is responsible for providing assistance to childcare organisations across the county. Having just completed an audit of these organisations it wanted to survey them to obtain information on a range of issues including employment levels, educational qualifications, pay and conditions and awareness of support organisations. Market Dynamics.. read more →

Carlow Equal Labour Force Survey The Carlow Equal programme is an initiative aimed at promoting equality of opportunity for older workers. In order to assess what approach they needed to take to achieve this objective the Equal programme decided it was necessary to conduct a survey of Carlow-based employers to assess current practices in employment.. read more →