Customer Satisfaction

“Market Dynamics’ research is critical for us in ensuring that we are understanding, and meeting, the expectations of our Festival goers”
Brendan Rice, Kilkenny Arts Festival

Customer satisfaction has become an increasingly necessary and popular research activity. Every business recognises that it must listen to its customers and many claim to be completely focused on their customers’ needs. Increasingly, organisations are taking this philosophy a step further and are measuring customer satisfaction at regular intervals as a means of assessing their performance. Many organisations now use customer satisfaction measures as a key performance metric for employees with a link to bonus payments.

Why Commission a Customer Satisfaction Research Programme?

  • independent quantifiable measurement of performance
  • confidential feedback loop for customers
  • identify and fix any potential problem areas
  • communicate a customer focused message and improve levels of repeat business

Case Studies: Kilkenny Arts Festival
Market Dynamics was commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival to undertake a survey of attendees at the festival in 2007 and again in 2008. The research was conducted on the street at various locations in the city. Respondents were asked their views of the events they attended, how they found out about the festival and to provide satisfaction ratings. Input on the amount spent by visitors also helped to gain a better understanding of the value of the festival to the city of Kilkenny. The surveys have revealed the international dimension of the Festival audience, the great affinity people have for the Festival and the economic value that Festival goers have for Kilkenny.

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