Employee Research

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Lucy Chaudhuri, IDC

Due to the hierarchical nature of organisations it is often difficult to assess the mood of the workforce from the top of the organisation. Information usually passes to senior management selectively and as it passes through organisational layers it can become distorted.

Managers constantly comment on the performance of employees but employees rarely have a confidential forum to comment on their managers. For this reason, when senior managers in an organisation communicate their plans to the workforce they run the risk of over-estimating how well understood these communications are and how enthusiastically they are received.

Employee surveys are an excellent way for your management team to receive input from all levels of the organisation. Using findings from such surveys enables constructive improvements to be made on behalf of the workforce ensuring better employee retention rates. They can even be a source of fresh ideas from creative employees who are not usually consulted during the formulation of company strategy. If approached properly, using an independent, third-party organisation to ensure candid responses, employee surveys are an excellent method for improving workplace productivity and business performance.

Why Commission Employee Research?

  • obtain confidential and independent employee feedback
  • gauge employee satisfaction level
  • monitor success of HR initiatives
  • improve staff retention rates

Case Studies: Employee Satisfaction
As part of its human resources programme, a large manufacturing organisation commissioned Market Dynamics to conduct an employee survey to measure satisfaction levels among staff with their working environment, management team and remuneration.

Market Dynamics conducted a confidential self-completion survey which all employees were asked to complete. The research revealed some confusion about a recently introduced remuneration package. The client was able to report back to the staff on the research findings and address the issues raised.

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