Festival Research

Researching festival attendees is now an integral part of running most festivals nowadays, especially those that depend on significant grant assistance from public bodies.

Festival organisers need to build up a profile of their attendees, e.g. age-range, where they live, whether they stayed overnight, how much they spent, how they heard about the festival, etc. They will also want to know what their impressions of the festival were, what they liked best and least and what changes they would like to see in the future. Grant awarding bodies will want access to this type of information as will festival sponsors in many cases. This type of data also provides an excellent guide to planning for future festivals. Market Dynamics has conducted research at many festivals including the Kilkenny Arts Festival, Winterval (Waterford), Imagine Festival, Waterford International Music Festival and Bray Jazz Festival.

Why Commission a Festival Attendee Research Project?

  • independent way of profiling the festival audience
  • provides data to support grant applications and to attract sponsors
  • allows issues to be identified so that fixes can be applied
  • allows marketing funds to be directed in the most cost effective way to target audience

Case Studies: Kilkenny Arts Festival
Market Dynamics has been conducting audience research at Kilkenny Arts Festival since 2006. The research is conducted “on-street” at various locations in the city. Respondents are asked their views of the events they attended, how they found out about the festival and to provide satisfaction ratings. Input on the amount spent by visitors also helps to gain a better understanding of the value of the festival to the city of Kilkenny. The research provides data that the festival organisers can draw on in discussion with sponsors, grant awarding bodies, accommodation providers, local authorities and other organizations. Over the years it has demonstrated the affinity that festival attendees have for the Kilkenny Arts Festival and the city itself.