Online Surveys

We were delighted with Market Dynamics market research strategy for We received a breadth and depth of information and analysis that enabled us to define our market and build a targeted marketing plan based on hard data
Managing Director,

Online surveys are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a fast and cost-effective method for researching the views of a defined audience. As they are usually designed for self-completion, responses tend to be candid although it is of paramount importance to ensure that your survey is well designed, gives clear instructions and asks concise questions. If not professionally designed it is very easy to ‘lose’ your respondents during the survey. The use of online surveys is only appropriate where it is not necessary to set a quota of respondents based on criteria such as age, gender, place of residence etc. as respondents are self-selecting which can ‘skew’ the final outcome.

Why commission an Online Survey?

  • you have access to the email addresses of your target audience
  • the target respondents you wish to survey are on-line “savvy”
  • a low-cost solution is required

Case Studies: is a wedding website provider which, prior to market entry wanted to understand its revenue generating potential, price-points and how to effectively market its services.

Market Dynamics was commissioned by to design both a questionnaire and email invitation to complete the questionnaire. Over 1,000 people who were either engaged or recently married completed the survey. The data was cleaned, analysed and a short report produced outlining recommendations including an analysis of potential price-point, target markets and a profile of the key decision makers. The low cost, online, methodology provided a wealth of detailed feedback which would simply not have been possible using more traditional research methods, given the budget available.

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