Opinion Surveys

Market Dynamics brought both professionalism and expertise to their research and analysis
Tony Walsh, Kilkenny Local Authorities

When businesses, special interest groups or public sector organisations wish to stay on top of the issues that matter to their customers or to study their buying behaviours they commission an attitude and behaviour study often known as an opinion poll.

Opinion polls are the most commonly quoted research studies. Topics cover anything from political voting plans, the popularity of a party leader to views on who should become the next manager of the Irish soccer team!

Why Commission an Opinion Survey?

  • obtain an accurate view of people’s opinions on a topic
  • make decisions based on robust data rather than anecdotal information
  • estimate the likely results of an election

Case Studies: Kilkenny Library Service
As part of a comprehensive review of its operations towards developing a 5-year Development Plan, Kilkenny Library Service conducted a series of consultations with library users and staff. As part of this process Market Dynamics was commissioned to undertake a survey of the public. A total of 200 people were interviewed by telephone and a report produced with the findings which were presented to the Library Service team.

Case Studies: Constituency Opinion Poll
During the 2007 election campaign Market Dynamics was commissioned to conduct a number of opinion polls in the Carlow/Kilkenny, Cork East and Waterford constituencies. For each poll 400 people were interviewed using a facsimile ballot paper. The survey was then conducted with a representative sample of potential voters at multiple sites across the constituency. The findings were compiled in a short report and delivered to the client who was able to review each individual candidate’s likelihood of success based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference allocations taking into account the respondent’s likelihood to vote.

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